Hi, my name is Balazs,

I’m a Data Scientist

Welcome to my website,
hosted on my Raspberry Pi

About me


I am a Data Science MSc student at Maastricht University and a ML Engineer at Accenture. I am currently working on my thesis on the topic of Assisting Aphasia Diagnosis using NLP and Deep Learning. I am interested about everything tech, coding, and ML 😁

  • I did my 6-month internship at Accenture as a Data Scientist Intern. I worked on a project to automate ticket triage for a large automotive company
  • Currently we are working on adapting the model to other domains, and implementing online learning
  • Previously I worked 1.5 years in credit fraud prevention
  • I created automated reporting pipelines and business tools, such as
    • A company screening dashboard with fraud scorecard
    • Transaction anomaly detection triggers for personal accounts
  • I’ve worked on two 5-month long projects in teams of 6
  • A scientific text style transfer writing assistant
    • We finetuned GPT2 and T5 LMs for scientific paraphrasing
    • Trained BERT LMs and SVMs for model evaluation
    • Created demo and submitted to EMNLP 2021
  • Music recommender system based on dynamic change of user facial emotions
    • Using collaborative filtering and Spotify API
    • Dataset built from scratch by live testers on demo app
  • Passionate about computers, self-hosting and open source
  • Having the most amount of fun on my skis and my paraglider
  • … y soy Algoritmo 🤖 en la Tuna de Maastricht 🎶🎻🎶

My projects

Contact me

You can reach me through my LinkedIn or my email, but you can also find links to my Github, Gitlab and my CV below.